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Gun debate

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Gun debate Empty Gun debate

Post by Micheal on Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:58 am

So as normal, another day, another shooting, followed rapidly by the talking heads coming out to speak to their favorite political stance:

"Put politics aside and BTW... the NRA are Neanderthals..."
"This is what happens when you take religion out of school..."

This is what happens when the ideology is more important then the lives lost.

Lets be honest shall we?

1.  Guns are going no where without extreme loss of life in the US... using guns and probably worse.
2.  If religion was the solution then the bible would read a lot differently then it does. 

Reality is... no one wants to address the issue.  The person pulling the trigger.

The real problem is:

1 Part mental illness
1 Part boys not knowing how to grow up to be men
1 Part gun free zones.

Mental Illness

Most do not know this problem, but it is summarized as Jackson vs. Ft. Stanton

A federal court case opened in 1989... and is still ongoing.

It is the reason we no longer have mental institutions like we used to... because they were construed as inhumane.
Now... in order to treat those with mental illness, they have to be given a lifestyle we as individuals cannot maintain for ourselves... but have to pay for this.
I, for a job, support the legacy facility for this (Los Lunas Community Program). 
They rent houses to place these people in, hire people to help them to work (as in help the people to work at Walmart, then do the job for them that they cannot do), feed them, ect.

And I mean, they live well.

It is now an issue to give people a job, hence why the court case is still open.

It will never be resolved because government cannot afford to meet the criteria of this case... and those put in place to make sure they do want to keep their jobs... Lets be honest, who wouldn't want to be paid $100k a year to travel the country telling people how others should live their lives... While knowing they can't do it?

Needless to say... its cheaper to label people as sane.  But the talking heads will talk about this... while purporting the myth that they want to solve it... They want nothing of the sort.

Boys not knowing how to grow up to be men.

Of the shooters in the past 10 years, only the Virginia Tech shooter had anything resembling an active dad.  This is important because if the problem was simply the gun... we would have more women as murderers, which is not the case for they are being raised in the same atmosphere.  Without the active father in place showing these boys how to grow up to be men, they are becoming who they are.  Testosterone driven mad men with no productive means of utilizing it.  And for you women... it drives boys mad.  The only thing which kept me from completely loosing it when I was younger was a dad who I knew would knock my block off my shoulders if I stepped out of line... and my greatest mess ups where when I thought he couldn't... am so glad he proved me wrong.

Gun Free Zones.

93% of the shootings over the past 10 years have happened at schools which were designated gun free zones.  What idiot thought this was a good idea is beyond me?

Every political event (so even the idiots who came up with this) has armed security.
Every sports event.
Every government office.

You name it and the list goes on and on.

But not schools.

Which just goes to show that the shootings are welcomed by our pols because they refuse to change this.

Put a veteran with a gun at each one of these schools, let people know they are there... and this WILL end.

It will stop being mass shootings and at worst... the gunman will get shot.

But if people know their are trained people with guns at the schools... they will stop.  It really is as simple as this.

But no, we will have lay ins, and idiots talking about removing guns as the only sensible solution (it will lead to civil war) and nothing will be done... except the next shooter on deck will shoot someone else etc...

Rince, Wash, repeat.

"To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you cannot criticize" - Voltaire
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Gun debate Empty Re: Gun debate

Post by VixensVengeance on Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:00 am

If only these were sold Ill bet we would have a lot less gun violence!

Gun debate Kitty_AR

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